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Royal Mines game

It’s no secret that the field of online gambling is developing more and more every day and there is nothing surprising here, because everyone loves to play for real money and, of course, win even more! The wonderful crash game Royal Mines from 1win is always ready to help with this. This is an excellent slot that does not require much time to understand the rules of the game and start winning money.

The gameplay is at the same time quite dynamic and exciting, you definitely won’t be able to tear yourself away from it. Royal Mines from 1win is a unique slot and you shouldn’t forget about it, not everyone can boast of unique slot machines in their assortment, but the developers of 1win were able to succeed. But you must admit, a moment often arises when you want to spend time playing slots online, but there is no opportunity because your computer or laptop is not nearby?

We have a solution! The excellent 1win app will help you if you have long wanted to download Royal Mines, but were looking for an option. Let’s see how to download the application, after which the Royal Mines game from 1win will be able to bring you money wherever you are!

Download Royal Mines 1win: where to start?

Before you can download the app and start playing, there are a few more important points that we can’t remember. First, create an account at the 1win online casino if you don’t already have one, after which downloading Royal Mines will be even easier and faster. Once you have registered and read the rules of the game, as well as read the 1win Royal Mines reviews, you have several options available, depending on what device you are using.

Royal Mines download for iPhone

If you are the proud owner of an iOS device, then we have good news for you - you can download Royal Mines 1win and win your first real money very soon, especially if you have a Royal Mines strategy! But there is also an unpleasant moment, because the application is still not available in the official App Store, so you can only download it from the official 1win website.

This is quite simple to do, you need to open the site from your smartphone, at the bottom of the page you will see the «Site Access» section, after which you can see all the possible operating systems on which you can download the 1win app, but the online casino also has something to surprise you with! The system will automatically select the required version of the application for you, based on the device you are logged in on, which significantly speeds up the process and makes it much easier.

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1win Royal Mines download on Android

Of course, Android users could not be left without the opportunity to download Royal Mines 1win, but there are some nuances that are worth talking about. The application is available in the same «Site Access» section, where the system is ready to detect your smartphone and allow you to download the 1win app, but first you need to enable an important function without which Royal Mines cannot be downloaded. We go to the security section on the phone and give permission to download files from unknown sources.

After that, you can safely download the 1win app and enjoy playing Royal Mines, but it seems that we have forgotten about PC, and there are also enough players there who are much more comfortable playing in the application, well, let’s see.

1win Royal Mines download

How to install 1win app on PC?

If you are still a fan of the classics and like to spend time in online casinos on your PC, then 1win has succeeded here too. You can download an application for Windows, with which the game will become even easier and more interesting. To do this you need:

  • Go to the official 1win website;
  • Find the «Windows Application» button, which is located in the upper right corner, and click on it;
  • A small window will open where you must click «Install».

That’s all, now you don’t need to go into the browser and then go to the online casino and win real money, just launch the Windows application from your desktop and start playing right now!


Is it possible to download Royal Mines on a laptop?

Of course, you can download Royal Mines 1win on completely different devices that run on Android, IOS or Windows. Thus, you no longer have to search for the official 1win website, just launch the application and start winning real money quickly and easily!

Where can I find the button to download Royal Mines 1win?

If you have long wanted to download Royal Mines, then everything is quite simple. You do not need to look for any special buttons; often the system itself detects your device and offers to download the application of the required version. This greatly simplifies our task, for which we can thank the developers of the 1win online casino.

Do I need to do anything extra to download Royal Mines 1win?

No, Royal Mines can be downloaded quickly and easily; the only nuance arises during the installation of the Android application. There you will need to allow access to download the application from third-party sites, after which you can use the 1win app and place bets to the fullest!

Will I be able to use all the features if I download Royal Mines?

Of course, the mobile application does not differ in functionality from the full-size website, you can still use absolutely all the functions as before, but now on your smartphone or other device that is suitable to download Royal Mines 1win and start winning real money.